The vehicle is a Volvo C304/TGB 13 6×6 from 1975.
It has been in service in the Swedish Army until 2008 and is one of the rare “Alu-Zink” versions. In the 1990’s the army decided to prolong the use of these offroadbeasts and therefore replaced the bodies with new ones made of aluminum and zink plated steel.
So although the car is nearly 40 years old there isn’t a single spot of rust!

The Volvo is very rugged and simple with 6×6 and vacuum opereted diff lockers on all 3 axles, hi/low gear and portal axles which gives a whooping 40cm of ground clearance!
Equipped with a OM603 Diesel engine it drives wery well, allthough a bit noisy…

A special thing about this car is that it is possible to take off the upper half of all 5 doors and open the windscreen in the drivers side – making it much more fun going to some of the hotter places around the world. AND there is a gunners-hatch in the roof 🙂

Vehicle specs:

Type: Volvo C 304 / TGB 13

6 Cylinder/12 valve
3,0 liter Diesel Engine.
113 Hp @ 4600 rpm
191 Nm Tourqe @ 2800 rpm
8 Gears forward (4 Low gears and 4 high) + 2 reverse
All wheel drive 6×6, permanent 4×6 with vacuum opereted front wheel drive.
Diff. locks on all 3 axels
Portal Axles
Ground Clearence: 400 mm
285/75-16 BF Goodrich All Terain tires.
Empty weight: 2280 kg
Max weight: 3500 kg
Lenght: 5450 mm
Hight: 2170 mm
Width: 1900 mm
Angle of approach: 45º
Angle of departure: 45º