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Volvo C304/TGB 13 Expedition Camper

About the blog:

Follow the transformation of a Volvo TGB 13 from cold-war-vehicle to all-terrain expedition style camper. The blog will be updated with our travel experiences from around the globe.

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New batteries and wiring!

Technical Posted on Sat, March 30, 2013 09:20:50

The new batteries arrived!
The original wiring is intact, but all the extras (lights, fridge, water etc.) looked like a birds nest!
I marked all the wirings and disconnected them all, bought some new fuseboxes and began the looong assembly process…

The car is 24V, but the engine is 12V – and to make it all even more complicated we run a 24v/12v converter for radio and interior lights + a 230v converter!

The 2 old batteries for the 24v was getting tired and descided to replace all 3 with 110Ah Numax leisure/start batteries.

I put it all back together with proper markings, turned the main switch and nothing worked!!!!smiley

On the verge of crying!smiley i found out that i hadn’t installed any fuses!
Unexpectedly it all worked when the fuses were installed and now its easy to see what the different wires are for and its easy to connect something new.
There is a lot of spare fuses for future projects smiley
Now i just need to make some kind of nice cover.

New exhaust

General Posted on Sat, March 30, 2013 09:07:50

When we bought the car it had a custom exhaust running all the way to the back without any rubber mounts… It was rattling and had a leak so it got trashed.

With not much time left before our maiden voyage we had to make a temporary exhaust. It sounded good without to much noise, but it was ugly as hell! Furthermore it was mounted to low, so it got ripped out of the mounts when offroading…

The stainless “Simons” muffler sounded good so i used this and rerouted the 2,5″ tubes, ending out in a 3″ i had from an old ’68 Camaro i had years ago.

Now its tugged away nicely and sounds even better smiley Strangely it seems a bit louder now, but i have to meassure the dB’s to confirm that.

Now it just needs some high-temp, flat black paint.