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Volvo C304/TGB 13 Expedition Camper

About the blog:

Follow the transformation of a Volvo TGB 13 from cold-war-vehicle to all-terrain expedition style camper. The blog will be updated with our travel experiences from around the globe.

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Oven – or sort of..

Creature comfort Posted on Mon, January 25, 2016 21:51:48

We really love to cook, even more in other countries, as you will have to guess what the locals make, when you are out buying groceries.

But we have really missed an oven as there are a whole lot of good food that requires one!
Lack of space and money was the reason that we didn’t fit one into Viola, until now that is:

It is an omnia oven – a Swedish invention from the 50s or 60s.
It is basically a pot with a false bottom and a hole in the middle – we are very excited to see how it works out – and I really hope to be awaken by Lisa making one of he wonderful chocolate cakes ๐Ÿ™‚

Mosquito net

Creature comfort Posted on Mon, January 25, 2016 19:33:34

Today the mosquito net arrived smiley

Made some mounts/hooks out of a piece of aluminium and placed them each corner:

As we won’t be needing it before Africa, we made it easy to dismount.

It is impregnated, so the bugs should die when they try to eat their way through! (don’t know of they would do that, but the kind nurse, when we got our vaccines, told us that we should by one that was impregnated…)

Solar shower

Creature comfort Posted on Thu, January 21, 2016 19:40:17

Without lust, money or time to buy a roadshower, we decided to build one by ourselves.
Not sure how much we are gone a need it, but as we had the items already it cost nothing to make it smiley

It is made out of 110mm PVC pipe with a 1/2″ hose connection and a on/off valve in one end and a 1/2″ inlet + car valve for pressurizing in the other end.

The thought is that the sun heats the 22L of water up and build a small pressure – and if its not enough we can use the compressor to make enough pressure that it is suitable for Lisa to wash her hair in the midlle of Sahara smiley

Gas bottle mounting

Creature comfort Posted on Wed, January 13, 2016 22:05:57

Needed some kind of mounting for the gas bottle, so it stayes in place while going off-road

After some different try-outs it ended in a simple MDF plate with a hinge and a rubber band smiley

๏ฟผThe hinge is needed when we open the engine latch…

New stereo

Creature comfort Posted on Mon, January 11, 2016 21:35:26

Our stereo was absolutely crappy; not able to receive much fm signals and when using sd cards there was no folders, so the only way to find a certain song was to shuffle through them all…(!)

So we just bought a Pioneer MVH-280DAB, it was rather cheap and included an DAB antenna.

Unfortunately the radio mount was build for the old one, which had a very compact design. – We thought that a radio without CD player had to be of the same size, but the Pioneer is just as large as one with CD…

As I didn’t want to make a new mount, the simple (and not superbly looking) alternative was to make a frame for the new radio.

Bend out of aluminium and then coated with primer and flat black it looks decent enough, even though it protrudes quite a bit…

The included DAB antenna is a strange sticky thing, with one end on the windscreen and the other one on the metal.

Have only driven a few kms – it seems good and has a totally noise free reception, it takes about 2 seconds to store all radio-stations, nice and easy smiley

New gas cooker and table

Creature comfort Posted on Sun, January 10, 2016 10:17:48

Until now we have used two small gas-burners, but they are rather unstable and uses small cartridges, which is a bit impractical as they are not common everywhere.

So we bought a new cooker; Outwell Apetizer 3 burner with grill.
It has 2 burners + a grill underneath, and was cheap – 319,- DKK smiley

As we don’t like 2 drive around with it loose, we had to build a new table for it.

Its made out of 12mm MDF and the two front legs are hinged, so they folds up and are hold there by a magnet, this way we can move the table outside.
The map was actually meant for the cupboard, but the shop made the print to small, so we just had it lying around for the last 3 years… – It fits near perfect, except for New Zeeland, which is under the table… sorry guys smiley
We have made a drawer underneath and lined it with alu-plate, this way we can use the grill and it is easy to clean.

Fans, CB Radio and more:

Creature comfort Posted on Fri, July 19, 2013 19:34:21

A little late for an update, but made af few small additions before takeoff:

Installed 2 small fans, really nice thing to have in the hot summer ๐Ÿ™‚
Bought them at Lidl very cheap…

Last year we talked about having the windows tinted black – that way we can see out without people seeing us – would have been nice last year when we slept at a parking lot in the midle of swinoujscie (Poland) and was waken by flashing blue lights on a policecar) So I finally installed it, its not easy but it turned out ok…
It doesen’t look that good when its only the ones in the rear, but function over form ๐Ÿ™‚

Also installed a CB Radio (walkie talkie) – has proven functional when driving offroad in groups in the Samurai.

New floor mats

Creature comfort Posted on Mon, May 20, 2013 21:05:26

Stumpled upon some rubbermats that looked like diamond plate, and the old rubber floor mats was looking a bit tired…

Through the whole projekt we have made a lot of considerations between the rough, old school/military look and the modern more comfy one…

But we think these mats look good smiley

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