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Volvo C304/TGB 13 Expedition Camper

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Follow the transformation of a Volvo TGB 13 from cold-war-vehicle to all-terrain expedition style camper. The blog will be updated with our travel experiences from around the globe.

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General Posted on Thu, January 21, 2016 19:30:11

Although it is a Alu-Zink, im not keen with driving on salty roads on the way down south, but as it is necessary, i’ve decided to give the underside some anti-rust/underbody spray:

The belt has been squeaking ever since we bought the car, thanks to the SMT kit provided for the engine conversion. The mount for the generator wasn’t aligned properly and our previous attempts to solve this has not made it any better…

So I borrowed a laser guideline, as it is almost impossible to measure anything in the engine compartment.
Took 2mm of the mount at what a wonderful sound of nothing 🙂 Before it sounded almost as an old Tiger Panzer on pavement!

Changed the two pulley wheels as the bearings seemed worn.

New exhaust

General Posted on Sat, March 30, 2013 09:07:50

When we bought the car it had a custom exhaust running all the way to the back without any rubber mounts… It was rattling and had a leak so it got trashed.

With not much time left before our maiden voyage we had to make a temporary exhaust. It sounded good without to much noise, but it was ugly as hell! Furthermore it was mounted to low, so it got ripped out of the mounts when offroading…

The stainless “Simons” muffler sounded good so i used this and rerouted the 2,5″ tubes, ending out in a 3″ i had from an old ’68 Camaro i had years ago.

Now its tugged away nicely and sounds even better smiley Strangely it seems a bit louder now, but i have to meassure the dB’s to confirm that.

Now it just needs some high-temp, flat black paint.

Gunners hatch

General Posted on Sun, March 24, 2013 17:51:22

The gunners hatch has a design flaw… The hatch sits on top of the roof with a weatherstripping between. When driving in rain the water will be pressed through the corners of the seal and thats not very pleasent…

First we wanted to make a new hatch of plexiglas but finally agreed that we really didn’t need to look up…
So instead i bought some aluminium profiles, cut them to fit, painted them black and glued them on the hatch with silicone.

Nice and simple 🙂